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    Ethiopian freedom fighters



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    Yuen Wah is a legend. Best know by most people for his role in “Kung Fu Hustle,” he’s actually be a staple stuntman and actor in kung fu cinema for decades.
    He studied Peking Opera along with Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Jackie Chan and was Bruce Lee’s body double in “Enter the Dragon.”

    Granted, his heyday is behind him but it’s just been revealed (in this article) that this LEGEND of martial arts movies currently makes $323 a month.
    That’s fucking bonkers. The guy is 63, has etched his legacy in the genre and yet has to take bit roles and cameos just to make it through a month. A guy who’s been in certified classics like “Wheels on Meals” and “Police Story 3” now makes significantly less money than the American minimum wage.

    When asked why he doesn’t raise his prices, he said…

    “Increase the price? Who’s going to hire you if you increase the price, I’ll take any project. It’s fine as long as I can get by.”

    When Tom Cruise retires, he’ll be sitting on a fortune. Sean Connery’s been retired for a decade and is still worth $300 million.
    It’s ridiculous that someone this iconic should be scraping by. Such sad fucking news considering, only ten years ago, he was tickling funny bones and pulling off amazing fight work in “Kung Fu Hustle.”

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  6. Anonymous asked: What would you give a guy you're trynna fuck for his bday?


    i’d have to know more about him 

    this one, probably a damn shoebox full of weed, take him to a punk show, then to an expensive ass restaurant all sweaty and shit so they would think lowly of us and watch us carefully in case we don’t split before paying for our food. then i’d pay in cash.

    women like you actually exist? Im goin back to church, cuz god is real. thank you ma’am for restoring my faith in humanity!

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    His reaction is perfect. 

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    she so fine

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    All figurine refernces.

    1. Moogle-Final Fantasy Series

    2. Gitaroo Man-Gitaroo Man

    3. Sanic-I don’t know where the hell man

    4. Cloud Strife-Final Fantasy 7

    Woops I need to fucking watch this show

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